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This summer saw us, once again, exceptionally busy, successfully undertaking and completing a number of high profile and noteworthy contracts. These projects included: –




  • The University of Sheffield – Teaching Spaces 2017

Having now secured this particular contract four years in succession, we were delighted to have been chosen by Newell’s Projects Ltd to enable us to be of continual service in this connection. Commencing in early June, the contract this year involved seven different sites of work in and around the campus. All of which were handed over on-programme, and in readiness for the start of a new academic year.

Notably, the contract greatly benefited, this year, from our Nexans CSP (Certified Solutions Partner) accreditation, enabling all of the related data requirements to be carried out and certified in-house, as we constantly strive for efficiency and excellence in customer services.  

  • Re-modelling of Jonas Court

As former student accommodation, Jonas Court was transformed into to a lively, modern hybrid hotel within the Endcliffe Village.  Completed in August, a key feature of Jonas is its ground floor, devoted entirely to communal social space. Designed to foster connectivity between people of differing backgrounds, it features a cafe-bar, a gaming/cinema room, games room, three lounges and two quiet areas for study.

Accommodation over the three upper floors features 57 en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchens. Classed as long-stay, they are for students or visitors staying from a week up to six months. A further 22 en-suite hotel rooms can be rented for seven days or less.

  • Refurbishment of Minalloy House

As new accommodation for the Department of Archaeology, this three storey office block within the heart of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities has been fully refurbished to provide a modern, vibrant working environment.

Department Staff offices are now located in Minalloy House, including space for PhD students and postdoctoral research team. This new home for the majority of Archaeology staff is the hub of the Departments areas of expertise and research strength, including Prehistoric Europe, Classical Antiquity, and Medieval and Post-Medieval Britain as well as landscape, funerary and Mediterranean archaeology.

A key feature of the overall design on the project is the exposed building services, which were painstakingly planned and installed to seamlessly blend in with the fabric of the building.

  • Ground Floor Re modelling – The Modular Village

July saw us commence the remodelling of the Ground Floor of the Modular Village to form a computer suit for The University of Sheffield.

This six week contract period included the installation of extended cable management systems, including dado trunking and dedicated data installation wire ways along with modifications to the existing lighting, fire alarms, and mechanical services wiring systems.

To accommodate the, in excess of 200, new data points required for the project, a new communications cabinet was provided, again all of which benefited from our Nexans training and experience, enabling the entire electrical and data installation(s) to be undertaken in-house.

  • Other Notable Summer Projects

Other projects successfully completed during the summer of 2017 included: –

  • Refurbishment work within New Spring House in Sheffield
  • Remodelling of offices for Tirley Securities, in Barnsley
  • Ongoing alterations and extension in “The Square” Sheffield
  • Remodelling of the Douglas Lewin Laboratory within Regent Court
  • Extensive remodelling of the Bio Incubator building in Sheffield to provide additional accommodation for The University of Sheffield – Department of Archaeology.
  • Alterations and additions with Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield
  • On-going preventative maintenance and upgrade works for Sheffield Theatres both within   the Crucible and Lyceum Theatres

Thank you to all of our Clients, Staff, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers for another highly successful and extremely busy summer period.


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